The Top 5 AI tokens to invest in 2024

Cristiano Bianchi
May 17, 2024

The concept of linking blockchain technology with artificial intelligence (AI) has paved the way for several new ideas and advanced developments in the evolving cryptocurrency market. As we enter 2024, investors will evaluate the positioning of AI tokens, where investment opportunities and adoption come in the once ahead.

The present study will provide an overview of 5 most promising AI quotes for investment in 2024.

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1. Near Protocol ($NEAR)

A key component of Near Protocol is an incentive structure enabling a distributed network of computers to provide a platform where decentralized app developers may build and release their wares. It employs sharding to divide the network’s architecture into portions to make nodes manage a smaller percentage of the network’s transactions.

Near Protocol is structured similarly to other cloud providers, such as Amazon Web Services, which may be used as a foundation for different applications. In contrast to centralized, traditional systems, NEAR relies on a decentralized network of computers to run and update its features.

Ondo Price$ 7.31
Current rank20
Market cap$ 7,918,030,101

2. Render ($RNDR)

    Render is a crucial platform for motion graphics, visual effects, and animation. It is a distributed GPU network built on the Ethereum blockchain. The Render network’s foundation is its native currency, Render (RNDR), a utility token. 

    First and foremost among the network’s constituents are the creators and, secondly, the node operators. Using the Render network, artists can tap into the massive GPU power on the network, allowing them to produce visually stunning material at lightning speed and for a fraction of the usual cost. 

    In contrast, node operators get render tokens for the processing power they rent out to these creators.

    Ondo Price$ 10.41
    Current rank31
    Market cap$ 4,047,733,146
    ChainEthereum, Solana, Polygon

    3. The Graph ($GRT)

      The Graph is an open-source, decentralized system that uses distributed ledger technology to collect data autonomously, eliminating middlemen.

      The Graph protocol is like Google in that it indexes blockchain data. The abundance of smart contracts on the blockchain makes indexing data difficult and slows the response time of decentralized apps (DApps) to queries. In response, the Graph protocol uses subgraphs to facilitate easily retrieving data from the blockchain. The data to be indexed and its storage mechanism may be defined using subgraphs, which act as open APIs. 

      The Graph network’s native token is GRT. The network uses GRT to distribute its resources. You may store this cryptocurrency token there if you have an Ethereum (ETH) wallet or one compatible with the ERC-20 standard.

      Ondo Price$ 0.293102
      Current rank50
      Market cap$ 2,789,134,753

      4. Theta Network ($THETA)

        As the fourth most significant token in artificial intelligence and ample data space, the Theta token (THETA) drives the decentralized video distribution network known as Theta. Through advancements in AI and ML, it intends to provide cheaper and higher-quality video streaming. By dividing up available bandwidth, users and relay nodes may earn THETA.

        Ondo Price$ 2.21
        Current rank58
        Market cap$ 2,210,317,221

        5. ($FET)

        Regarding decentralized machine learning solutions and autonomous economic agents, is a trailblazer combining blockchain technology with artificial intelligence.’s AI algorithms, which allow devices and agents to participate in economic activities autonomously, may create a decentralized marketplace for AI-driven services. As more sectors adopt automation and AI-driven decision-making,’s technologies might result in massive disruption to established business models. 

        At its current price of $2.24, FET has a market value of $2.57 billion. In 2024, might be an excellent asset for investors looking to enter decentralized economies powered by artificial intelligence.

        Ondo Price$ 2.05
        Current rank28
        Market cap$ 5,160,581,706
        ChainEthereum, BNB, Cosmos, and Osmosis


        Lastly, changes in the way industries and investment markets run are due to the abundant opportunities that came with the AI and blockchain combination. The creation of the AI above tokens, NEAR, RNDR, GRT, THETA, and FET, highlights unusual ideas with an extraordinary capacity to shape many industries. 

        Investing in cryptocurrencies is a hazardous strategy, but some believe that decentralized blockchain ecosystems and AI technologies power the future; crypto tokens are exciting assets for those people. 

        Cristiano has worked as a freelance writer for several forex and crypto magazines in England.
        Also, he's a forex trader since 2010, and a crypto investor.
        Currently, he's based in Malta and work as crypto journalist.

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