The Top 5 RWA Tokens to Watch in 2024

Cristiano Bianchi
May 1, 2024
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RWA stands for Real-World Assets, which is part of blockchain technology that converts physical and non-physical assets to digital tokens and puts them into a blockchain platform. This initiative has succeeded in sparking a wave of interest among cryptocurrency supporters and envoys. It is spearheaded by a renowned asset manager, and among the projects highlighted here are ONDO, LAND, POLYX, TOKEN, and VELO. The fostering growth of the cryptocurrency sector offers investors appetizing prospects of striking gold.

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1. Ondo ($ONDO)

Ondo Finance creates an innovative integration of classic financial instruments and the new concept of DeFi, which employs the impressive technological achievements of blockchain technology. Ondo Finance is at the end; Day trading options is a platform that strives to make DeFi gains available even to the majority with varying appetites for risk. Therefore, this is done easily through a protocol that is permissionless and permits the generation of debt-isolated, fixed-yield loans by certain crypto assets.

Recently, ONDO’s market value surged by 87% to $0.7381. The deviation is indubitably insignificant, and it displays the coin’s growth ability, which is consistent with the anticipated bullish trend in 2024.

Ondo Price$ 1.36
Current rank64
Market cap$ 1,973,337,892

2. Landshare ($LAND)

Landshare, a tokenized ecosystem, seamlessly allows investors to invest in real-world assets through the blockchain. Through Landshare RWA tokens (LSRWA), investors will be able to own a share of real-world properties and manage them without worries. Incoming from these assets could affect the token price. 

Furthermore, the platform introduces Defi elements like NFTs, staking vaults, and DAO voting enabled by the LAND token utility. This ecosystem implements a balanced approach to actual real estate investments and decentralized finance, helping to increase users’ accessibility and utility.

The LAND market has been experiencing a rise of 58% lately, peaking at $2.92 per LAND. While a minor retracement has emerged, its rise shows its considerable potential for an upward trend within the bullish context predicted for 2024.

Ondo Price$ 3.99
Current rank1272
Market cap$ 15,351,794

3. Polymesh ($POLYX)

POLYX, the public’s top choice, is backed by the public permission layer blockchain in 2024, the so-called Polymesh L1. To support the security token sector, POLYX provides its utility for the ecosystem. It rewards positive actions and imposes sanctions for violations, significantly enhancing the security of blockchain. In addition, governance mechanisms and staking activities are also available on the POLYX platform, where you can be both active and earn staking rewards.

At the moment, the POLYX price is $0.3337, and its upside potential attracts investors and gives them an opportunity to take a position.

Ondo Price$ 0.446227
Current rank180
Market cap$ 472,945,585

4. TokenFi ($TOKEN)

TOKEN gives token holders ownership in a diversified portfolio that derives from a variety of cash-flow-generating assets. TokenFi is a platform that requires just a few clicks for faster asset tokenization and creating tokens without the necessity of coding. It is a comprehensive package for the ERC20/BEP20 token launch, AI generators for NFTs, direct interaction with industry influencers, and a module for digitalizing real-world assets.

TokenFi’s current value is $0.09514. In 2024, this coin can be the wisest investment choice.

Ondo Price$ 0.446227
Current rank180
Market cap$ 472,945,585


VELO is a singular cryptocurrency running on the Velo Protocol, a blockchain financial protocol that enables the issuance of digital credit and borderless asset transfers targeted to businesses. The protocol employs a smart contract system to allow transactions, aspiring to ensure the correctness and transparency of partners’ value transfers. The Velo Protocol leverages the Stellar Consensus Protocol for transaction processing and settlement. The main role of the Velo Protocol is to give out fiat currency-backed digital assets known as credits, which are used for easy money transfers.

As of now, VELO’s value is $0.01843, after the price has gained 99.1% in the past month. If you are looking for the most effective means to spend your money for the coming Bull Run in 2024, this is the best option for you.

VELO Price$ 0.019415
Current rank395
Market cap$ 142,464,743
ChainBNB and Stellar


As the RWA segment develops, it will fill the slot between mature institutions and the up-and-coming cryptocurrency sector. The tokens ONE, LAND, and TokenFi are very popular in this sphere, while the anticipated VELO token will radically change the way assets are tokenized and will open up great investment opportunities for experts in the next year. The use of blockchain technology is gradually expanding in the finance sector, and these tokens will be of great significance for the future of the financial field.

Cristiano has worked as a freelance writer for several forex and crypto magazines in England.
Also, he's a forex trader since 2010, and a crypto investor.
Currently, he's based in Malta and work as crypto journalist.

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